The company

The company

Company culture

Toma & Toma is a family business, we started this project with enthusiasm and with the desire to reach all households that want to enjoy a high quality and safe product.

We have been in the market for years developing other projects such as our wine without alcohol, and we want to obtain the same satisfaction of our consumers with this new company.

How are we going to get it?

Our vision in the company is based on developing a tasty product with excellent qualities, using a traditional method, but always making use of the latest technologies, to get that flavor that transports us to the home and is so familiar to us.

We believe that the tradition of our recipes is essential, along with the use of a premium raw material, and totally safe machinery.

Our mission

Regarding our mission, we want that in the next years, our products are placed at the head in the use both in homes, as for kitchen professionals. Expand our factories and commercial networks to reach more people interested in enjoying what we offer, all this without losing our family essence and proximity.