Fried tomato

Fried tomato

We offer quality products thanks to its production process, from a family recipe that has been passed down generation after generation.



Which is made with tomato, olive oil, sugar and salt.

An essential basic, inspired by the recipe of a lifetime, will make our dishes much tastier.



Made with tomato, olive oil, sugar, salt and chilli pepper.

Ideal for those more intrepid in the kitchen who dare with that spicy touch.

It complements very well with recipes of exotic cuisine such as Mexican, Indian...



Its components are tomato, olive oil, sugar, salt and clarified butter.

You could not miss a tomato for those who care more for their food, or can not ingest lactose.

This tomato with ghee is designed for them, as it provides medicinal benefits and helps maintain the intestinal flora and bone regeneration as well as helping to maintain elasticity in the cartilage, muscles and tendons.



This tomato is made according to the traditional recipe, but with a more sweet touch. Its ingredients are tomato, olive oil, salt and an extra sugar.

This makes it ideal for the sweet tooth of the house, since it resembles almost a jam, without losing its essence of fried tomato.